Welcome to Long Beach Property Management and Maintenance

We are one of the oldest property management firms in Long Beach.  We know our business.  We not only manage buildings for our clients, we are landlords too.  Like the famous investor, Warren Buffet, says, “We eat our own cooking.”  We know the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate ownership.  We have lived it for close to 35 years.  Our skills and experience were shaped and sharpened by education and the “trial by fire” method.


Our clients benefit from that experience because we manage their properties exactly like we manage our own – with the same attention to detail, the same long term focus on return on investment and all of the real world events that make up that calculation.  To us, ROI is not just a number on paper, a theoretical calculation.  It is a series of real world decisions that create a superior return.


We are real estate problem solvers extraordinaire.  We have lived through many topsy turvy real estate markets and economic shake ups.  We survived and prospered and have helped our clients do likewise.


We are real estate brokers, general contractors, plumbing contractors, heating & air conditioning contractors, and tree service contractors.  And of critical importance to our clients, we have synthesized these seemingly disparate skills and experience into a bundle of services to offer our clients a level of property management skill and service not previously available in the marketplace.

Associations:  National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Pacific West Association of Realtors, Apartment Owners Association, Apartment Owners Association of Greater Los Angeles.