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Long Beach Property Management and Maintenance

Long Beach Property Management and Maintenance

As a property management and maintenance expert we offer skills and services from A to Z for real estate buyers, sellers, and owners.  We help you buy at a wise price (the first critical decision).  We will build a new building for you, should you desire.  We will manage your buildings, repair your buildings, rehab your buildings, spruce up an apartment after a tenant moves out, complete a major rehab in preparation for a sale, and handle the sale at the top price attainable in the marketplace.


And, of course, our off site managers collect all rents, our accounting department maintains meticulous records, and our construction department stands at the ready to make repairs.  Everything is under one roof.  There is no buck passing here.  Every aspect of management and maintenance is carefully controlled to create the best possible outcome and bottom line for you.  Isn’t that why you got into real estate in the first place?



Main Benefits to using Long Beach Property Management and Maintenance:


All of the skills and knowledge in one place to turn your real estate dreams into real wealth.  We know the formula.  We persisted until we did.  It is not easy but it is a lot less stressful and risky when you have decades of experience on your side.


All the skills and knowledge in one place to deal with any of your real estate questions or problems.


We are skilled at real estate workouts, short pays, underwater property solutions, city required repair letters, Los Angeles rent control property management and problem resolution, representation of clients with the Los Angeles Housing Department, preparation for and representation of clients at REAP hearings, handling difficult tenants, eviction management, bringing out of control buildings back online as profit centers.  Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients find the best possible solutions to their real estate problems.


We are experienced with the non-profit world of real estate and accounting and all of the special laws and requirements connected thereto.  Non-profit real estate property management, real estate development, financing for those projects, accounting procedures for those projects are within our knowledge base.  We have provided real estate consulting services for Habitat for Humanity.